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Model Introductions

1750 badge Information on the Berlina introductions comes from Luigi Fusi's book "Alfa Romeo Catalogue Raisonne 1910 1989." The 1750 made its debut at Vietri sul Mare (Salerno) in early 1968 after the first few thousand had been produced and were ready to be delivered. The first modifications appeared at the Turin Motor Show in 1969 and were introduced to the US production models in 1969, and to the non-US production models in 1970. The modifications were made to the steering wheel, pedal box, braking system (dual circuit) and headlamps (iodine bulbs).

The 2000 was launched at Gardone Riviera (Brescia) in June 1971, together with the 2000 GT Veloce and Spider Veloce models with the introduction of a 3-speed automatic gearbox at the Turin motor show a few months later. The model went out of production in 1976.

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